Manila climate

Manila has a tropical monsoon climate, the average annual temperature is 30 ° C. From February to April the climate is dry and it is rainy in early April. The typhoon season is from June to November. The best time to travel to Manila is from December to next May, during which the climate is cooler.

1. Quick Climate Information

Hottest Month May (29°C avg)
Coldest Month January (26°C avg)
Wettest Month September (329.1 mm avg)
Windiest Month September (4 km/h avg)
Annual Rainfall 1860.8 mm (per year)

2. Festivals

Christmas in the Philippines lasts for five months, is the world’s longest Christmas. The celebration time is from September 1 to the first week of January.

Folk Festival
The date of Folk Festival is not fixed and lasts for one week. During that time, the various outstanding theatrical performance team singled out from parts of the country will come to Manila to perform. People can watch a variety of local characteristics of folk music and dance.

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