Places to visit in Manila Philippines

As the capital of the Philippines,Manilais a city with old and new, east and west, known as “Asia’s New York.” Due to the rule of Spanish for 300 years, so there is considerable sentiment of Western Europe. Diverse culture presents a different kind of style.

Today, Manila is a clean tropical garden city, an international commercial port. Manila culture is based on the Indian civilization, Chinese civilization and the ancient civilizations of Central Asia, on the integration of Spain and the United States of Western civilization, it formed its own unique culture.

There are top 3 tourist attractions in Manila according to Manila travel guide. Manila Bay, Intramuros and Manila Cathedral are what you can’t miss.

No.1 Manila Bay

Manila Bay is a natural bay in west of Manila. The sunset of Manila Bay is very famous and especially charming in the evening. Up to ten kilometers of coastal road – Roxas Boulevard is the best angle to watch the sunset. Sit on the Ferris wheel, you can also overlook the enchanting scenery of Manila Bay.

No.2 Intramuros

Intramuros is located in the Pasig River, also known as city wall, is the original site of Manila and the oldest district in Manila. Although part of the city wall is ruined, the colonial atmosphere is where its charm lies. Here exudes elegance of Spain, retains the ancient architectural features.

No.3 Manila Cathedral

Manila Cathedral was built in 1581. It is located near Fort Santiago and the main building of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila. The church has experienced the continuous destroy of typhoons, earthquakes and war, and now is the sixth time to rebuild. Wedding services are available here, so newlywed will host the wedding or take wedding photos here.